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Offer your artwork on buy.inspirat.io

We’ve been always overwhelmed by the creativity and variety that gets published on wonderful Instagram accounts or inspiring Tumblrs. Talking to artists we recognised, that most of the them would love to turn their digital pieces into products, but don’t know how to do it or don’t have the time to handle it themselves.

Since we have years of experience in producing and shipping printed products worldwide, we thought we could help. That’s why we started Inspiratio.

Inspiratio helps you monetise your artworks, photos and illustrations. We’ll provide the platform for you to sell your works and we’ll take care of printing and fulfilment.

We are able to produce your artwork on high quality postcards and magnets in a variety of sizes and ship it to any customer worldwide within one work day.

If you want to offer your artwork on Inspiratio, please get in touch.

— Tadas, Thomas & Jakob

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Avatar spielkkind


kerstin hiestermann, illustrator and photographer, sells her artworks as postcards and magnets.

Avatar picpack


Picpack is your personalized printing service that turns your pictures into high quality magnets. We ship within one workday from Berlin, Germany.

Avatar benjamin rabe

Benjamin Rabe

Benjamin Rabe is a Mobile Artist and Webdesigner. He blogs about fingerpainting on mobile devices on fingerpainted.it and is part of an international group that organized the MobileArtConference.